We will present you best future cars for the upcoming years. The next few years are going to be absolutely eventful for the automobile industry. A number of major automobile giants like GM and Toyota are planning to launch new models. Some old time players like Ford are planning to re-launch some of their popular models of yesteryears. Also, since SUVs has increasing popularity we have made decision to make an ultimate list of 2019 new SUV models.

The number of vehicles based on emerging hybrid tech and green technology is also growing. Overall, the consumers will benefit in the end. They will get to choose from an increasingly wide range of vehicles and stiff competition will also bring prices down.

Also here you can see our choice of the best car models for upcoming years.

2018 - 2020 Top Future Cars

2018 Future Cars - AUDI Q8

2018 Future SUVs

2018 Lincoln Navigator side

In the last few years, sport utility vehicles recorded an increase in demand and sales. More and more companies decide to expand the scope of their SUVs models. So now we have a Bentley SUV and Lamborghini SUV is coming soon, in addition to all other producers. The BMW, Audi, Mercedes and many other manufacturers have never even larger range of SUVs, which are planning to expand further. Therefore, we believe that the SUVs will be one of the best 2018 future cars. Check out our selection of the best future SUVs.

2018 Pickup Trucks

2018 Ford Ranger front

On the pickup truck market, will be very interesting. Probably the two biggest news is the big comeback of Ranger on the US market and of course the new Wrangler pickup. Also in the coming years, an increasing number of the truck will move to an aluminum chassis. Ford has already started the work with F-150 and Super Duty, and soon will Chevrolet Silverado could obtain an aluminum chassis. Check our selection of the best future pickup trucks.

2018 Luxury Cars

2019 Cadillac CT8 front

When someone mentions the term future cars, most of us think of luxury cars and how they will look like. Competition in the luxury cars market has never been fiercer. There are literally dozens of top manufacturers of luxury sedans and hundreds of top models. Look at our selection of the best models here.

We all have a desire to sit down once in an extremely fast car and test our skills on the track. No one can predict how much the maximum speed will be able to develop sports cars in the future. In addition to high-performance, these vehicles are characterized by superior design. Look at our selection of the best 2020 sports cars.

In addition to the above categories of vehicles here, you can find our selection of the best hybrid and electric vehicles. In the future, more people will opt for green vehicles. Given the fact that we support environmental protection and reducing emissions, this category will be given special attention.