2017 BMW i3 Price, Battery

The German automakers have launched electric cars before and this time, the company will be launching the new 2017 BMW i3. BMW will be giving a facelift to this new i3 model, and some interesting designs will be incorporated.

2017 BMW i3 front

2017 BMW i3 – Engine Specs

The company has made a thoughtful move as they have presented two different batteries with different sizes. One will be a 22kWh battery, and another one will be a 33kWh battery. Both of these batteries will be available in both i3 versions so, to calculate, there will be four variants of this 2017 BMW i3.

As there are two variants of this BMW i3 which is the semi-electric (which uses a gasoline engine paired with an electric motor) and fully electric, the performance and mileage are going to vary. The variants with larger battery incorporated in them will be having a driving range of 100 miles which means that it will be able to cover 120 miles on one single charge.

2017 BMW i3 side

Obviously, bigger battery packs mean an increase in weight and in price too, so there are some questions as to how the company will be coping with all these factors because there other models out there which offer great mileage at a very competitive price range. So this 2017 BMW i3 is bound to last only if its price stays in a competitive range.

The fuel capacity of these engine tanks will be increased from 1.9 gallons to 2.4 gallons. It is not known whether the range of the gasoline engine will see some change or is going to remain the same. It has been said that the setup of AC synchronous motor delivering 170 hp via rear wheels will remain unchanged.

A Level 2 charger will be included which offers a faster charging of batteries in a time of 4.5 hours. The company has added some new features in this new i3 model, and some of them are dynamic cruise control, keyless access, garage door opener which can be customized, park distance control and real-time traffic information.

2017 BMW i3 battery

2017 BMW i3 – Release Date and Price

Recycled materials have been used in the interior cabin including the materials used for upholstery. It is said that U.S models will have a sunroof too. Dark oak wooden trim will be available for the Giga World and Tera World trims. The price of this 2017 BMW i3 is $43,395 and this car will be premiered during October and the Paris Motor Show.

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