2018 BMW 5-Series Release Date, Redesign

The 2018 BMW 5-Series is scheduled to be released by the last quarter of the year 2017. This is the seventh generation and the final body style in the series. This vehicle has a long and wide wheel base and a sportier demeanor with a lower stance. This vehicle is designed to capture the attention of those who prefer vehicles with a sporty appearance. The vehicle is designed in this manner to try and increase the sales of this model vehicle.

2018 BMW 5-Series front

2018 BMW 5-Series – Redesign Inner and External

The interior of the vehicle has the same basic design of the series. It has the same based layout with the dashboard getting a new design. The infotainment system has a new screen and revised buttons of the instrument panel. The cabin of the vehicle is designed with the highest quality materials to ensure the most comfort for the passenger. The safety features and the connectivity system are both revised. The interior of the vehicle sees the cab getting an increase in its space making it as spacious as its predecessor. The leg room and head room of the cab have also been increased for the benefit of the passengers occupying the rear seats. The cargo area also has an increase in size and space.

The exterior of the new 2018 BMW 5 Series is very similar to that of the other models in the series. The vehicle is not yet completed in designs but it there still can be a conclusion made the final look and appearance of the vehicle. The back of the vehicle is designed very sleek with a hunchback similar to that of the prior model. The vehicle has a wide stance thanks to the wider wheel base. There are several design features of the new vehicle that have not yet been released. This BMW keeps the aggressive appearance that is common to its processors. This look is due to the thin design of the headlights and the shape cuts of the vehicle’s lines.

2018 BMW 5-Series interior

2018 BMW 5-Series – Power Expectations

Beneath the bonnet of the new 2018 BMW 5-Series sits the options for the engine system. This vehicle has new engine systems that will provide a lot more power. The first option is a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-4 engine with a 240 hp. The second options as well as the third is a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-6 engine both will produce 300 hp. The vehicle engines may be mated with an eight-speed automatic transmission. Two engine capacity of 4.4-liter and have the ability to produce 445 hp and 560 hp.

2018 BMW 5-Series rear

2018 BMW 5-Series – Price and Expected Release Date

The release date for the 2018 BMW 5-Series GT has not yet been released. Potential buyers of this vehicle will have to await the official release of information to get the actual price for this vehicle. The rumors are that this vehicle will be available by the last quarter of the year 2017. The price for the new vehicle has yet to be released officially. The vehicle will have an estimated price of $52,000 for a base model. This is a very fun vehicle to drive and is one that will make the owner very proud to own and even more so to drive.

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