2018 GMC Sierra Redesign, Price

The 2018 GMC Sierra makers have planned for some significant changes in the upcoming model. This new model will receive a complete makeover and will carry many futuristic technologies and classy designs. Last year fans were upset with Sierra because only a few tweaks were added in the exterior model. A lot of changes were expected in the powertrain configuration and the specs up gradation.

This new vehicle will be built on a new platform with a lot of modifications. Next generation Silverado models are also going to carry these changes. Base engine configuration will remain the same, but the new V6 engine would also be added as an option. This powertrain setup is of great economic value. A lot of changes are expected to take place in the interior sector of this new truck.

2018 GMC Sierra rear

2018 GMC Sierra – Engine Modifications

It has been GMC Sierra’s tradition to release three trims at a time which are, 1500, 2500 and 3500 models. All these versions vary in size and power units. This current generation of GMC Sierra will carry both V6 and V8 engines. V6 unit’s aluminum block will generate a power of 285 hp and would stay as a standard modification. Instead of V8 unit, there might be a turbocharged V6 unit in 2018 GMC Sierra.

This news is yet to be confirmed by the makers. If it happens to be true, then the engine would utilize fuel more judiciously than the 5.3-liter V8 unit. The new turbocharged unit would be a 4.3-liter. Since GMC Sierra would look to compete with EcoBoost V8 units of Ford, the new V6 unit is expected to have less displacement.

Drivetrain configuration and Carbon reduction:

Cylinder deactivation function is a welcoming change in this next gen model. Engineers have worked hard in improving fuel efficiency. Carbon emission rates have also been reduced which will bring down pollution rates significantly.

The 2018 GMC Sierra is going to have a totally new shiftable 8-speed automatic drivetrain setup. According to the layout options, this new configuration might either be all-wheel-drive or real-wheel-drive.

2018 GMC Sierra rear

2018 GMC Sierra – Redesign and Addition of new Specs

The 2018 GMC Sierra would receive the following changes:

  • The exterior design would be more ‘chopped’ off with a larger radiator grille.
  • Pickup is expected to improve
  • More room for cargo would be available.
  • The abundance of chrome, red letter and large batch on grille would also be present.
  • Wheel arches are wider and contain bigger wheels which would emphasize the muscularity of this new model.
  • Seats would be designed with high-quality leather upholstery which would have a luxurious feel to them and would be more comfortable than the seats in previous models.
  • Cabin space has been enhanced, which will allow passengers of any height to fit comfortably in this truck.
  • Infotainment system would also be revamped with new app support, and the better sound system might be installed.

2018 GMC Sierra interior

2018 GMC Sierra – Expected Price and Release Date

The 2018 GMC Sierra is a far better technologically advanced vehicle than its predecessors. With the addition of new specs, the price value is bound to increase. The new model is expected to have a budget of $30,000. Considering the fact that all it received significant renovations, this price limit is quite reasonable and is just $1,000 higher than its predecessors.

The makers have not given an appropriate release date as of yet for this new model. According to numerous speculations, this car is going to be released by the end of 2017. There is a possibility of this model being presented in an auto show held later this year in North America. All the official confirmation about the release date is expected to arrive immediately after this presentation.

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