2018 Lincoln MKZ Redesign, Price, Release Date

What is so special about new 2018 Lincoln MKZ? Design, performance and all other important stuff are making this car better than a competition. It is no wonder, especially when we consider that the luxury part of Ford company has a representative line. It is Lincoln line with so many luxury characteristics. All of them are put together during the making of this 2018 Lincoln MKZ. Let’s see what the main assets are.

2018 Lincoln MKZ front

2018 Lincoln MKZ –┬áRedesign Features

The very smooth exterior is evident on this car and most fans will like one detail about it. Constructors made a significant reduction when it comes to the overall weight. As a result, the car is easier for driving. At the same time, emission controls are better, which is important for all drivers. This weight reduction is possible thanks to some changes in materials. The body of the vehicle is lighter than previous models, while the handling brings much more fun. You can drive the car for hours without noticing any kind of discomfort. This is possible thanks to the quality interior as well.

Some aspects are telling you that you are inside the high-class vehicle. Wooden details are combined with metal elements and the overall feeling of luxury is evident. The driver will enjoy in connectivity options like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with 4G properties. The parking is easier with Park Assist and Pedestrian Detection, while the Pre-Collision Assistance helps during the dangerous situations. The infotainment system is made with a touchscreen option, which is easy to navigate in any moment.

2018 Lincoln MKZ interior

2018 Lincoln MKZ – Engine Performance

The engines of the new 2018 Lincoln MKZ are powerful enough to provide a unique experience. The stronger version is a 3.0-liter engine with V6 turbo characteristic. It makes 400 hp, which is the maximum for this car. The fuel consumption is 17/26 mpg in regular circumstances on the road. The second engine option is 2.0-liter turbo engine with the ability to produce 245 hp. It is definitely not that strong as the first engine, but it might be more suitable for some specific types of drivers. Those who enjoy relaxed driving will find the second option more comfortable. Some specialists claim that the maximum speed will be 150 mph, but the rumors are not precise yet. All engines have automatic transmission.

2018 Lincoln MKZ rear

2018 Lincoln MKZ – Release Date and Price

Most lovers of this car want to know when they can expect new 2018 Lincoln MKZ. The possible date will be during the last months of 2017 when the dealers plan to start with selling. People will be able to see the car at the car show in Detroit, which is a real opportunity to check out the details. Fans will definitely find the car special and it is for a good reason.

This 2018 Lincoln MKZ brings a hint of exclusivity and improved comfort. All these characteristics are coming with a price tag. The dealers set the price at $36,000 and this is the price for the basic models. High expectations are bringing high quality. It is the case with Lincoln MKZ 2018 because the manufacturer succeeds to provide an exceptional car to all lovers of luxury.

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