2018 Nissan X-Trail Facelift

The new 2018 Nissan X-Trail will have numerous updates both on the general design and powertrain as recent reports on the automobile depict. It is going to be one of the most popular Nissan crossovers despite being unavailable for the United States market. The design presents the new model as a seven-seater SUV and more of an attractive household car that can be used for a variety of purposes. It will be bigger in size and more advanced than the previous model, hence more space to accommodate a higher number of passengers.

2018 Nissan X-Trail front

2018 Nissan X-Trail – Stylish Appearance

The 2018 Nissan X-Trail will have a very stylish appearance. Its body will be made of light-weight aluminum, steel, and carbon fiber material. This will be necessary for the automobile to be rigid yet light hence a higher fuel efficiency. From the front, a bigger V-shaped protective grille. Each side of the grille will be extended to cover the LED- made headlights. The tail lights will also have an update to bear the new LED technology. The SUV will ride on thick 18-inch alloy tires, with some better trims of the same model having 19-inch wheels for increased stability and grip on the road.

The interior of 2018 Nissan X-Trail will be more spacious than its predecessor. The seats in the cabin will also be comfy and leather covered with safety belts for the passengers. The cabin will have an advanced sound insulation system, making it less noisy. On the dashboard, a variety of new technology based gadgets will be available. Furthermore, this includes a seven-inch touchscreen HD display, a dual-zone weather and climate control, heating system on the front seats, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB connectivity, satellite radio, google maps and location services and a quality audio system. For safety purposes, an adaptive cruise control, digital security control, lane change detector, rearview camera and parking sensors will be installed in the new 2018 Nissan X-Trail.

2018 Nissan X-Trail interior

Dependable Engine

The powertrain of the new 2018 Nissan X-Trail will consist of a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine. This engine is capable of producing a power output of 170 HP. It will be linked to a six-speed manual transmission gear system. Furthermore, the engine will have a top speed of 127 miles per hour. The accelerated time from 0-62 mph will be in 9.4 seconds. It will be fuel efficient as compared to its predecessor with a fuel efficiency of 48.7 miles per gallon. The engine system will be joined to all the four wheels forming a powerful four-wheel drive.

2018 Nissan X-Trail rear

Date of Arrival and Price

The 2018 Nissan X-Trail is expected to be released to the market towards the end of 2017 or early 2018. Despite no official report from Nissan on the starting price, assessment and estimations reveal that the new model will have a price tag of $35,000 for the basic trim of the automobile.

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