2017 Opel Insignia Release Date, Price, Interior

The brand new 2017 Opel Insignia is hitting the markets soon. This grand new coupe will also be known lovingly by the name of Buick Regal. Extensive testing is being done on several roads, and it seems that famed German carmaker, Opel, will leave no stone unturned in making this new release of theirs, a grand success. A flagship sedan in the making, Insignia will definitely be significant for the famed Opel.

2017 Opel Insignia front


At first, it seemed that 2017 version of Insignia would be only for the European markets. But this news got completely canceled out. Official sources have confirmed that Insignia will get the name of “Holden” in the Australian market, “Buick Regal” in US and Chinese market and Vauxhall in the UK. So we can quickly conclude that this will be one such sedan that will make a great impact amongst coupe lovers regarding competitiveness and availability.

2017 Opel Insignia – Concept

The all-new Opel Insignia 2017 has been inspired by the idea of 2013 Opel Monza. Monza car was first showcased at 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show. Technical precision combined with artistic style and fancy design was the primary focus of Monza concept. But, as far as the design of Insignia is concerned, it will get a bit toned down, this time.

2017 Opel Insignia – Design

From the various spy testing, it has been confirmed that several forms of Insignia will be present for sedan fanatics. But, whether they will be available for the 2017 version or next generations, that is still a matter of doubt. Hatchback, sports-back, wagon like forms are highly expected.

The wheelbase has been lessened by around 4 inches. The gull wing doors of Monza will be absent here. Dominating body structure, which rolls inside a tad bit below the car’s waistline, will offer an exceptional look. Padding from the rear has been done away with. Taillights have been designed very uniquely. There will be two pieces of the lens in taillights where bubbly lens are fitted at the rear quarter, and inner lens will protrude out from its place, providing a 3-D outcome. The lip of this car has been designed to make its aerodynamics more efficient. Rear fascia of 2017 Opel Insignia is designed in such a way that it swoops downhill at center resembling a smile. Interior detailing is yet to be confirmed.

2017 Opel Insignia interior

2017 Opel Insignia – Powertrain

No official details of drive-train have been released yet, but speculations are on the rise that as per current model, Insignia 2017 might comprise of 4-cylinder 2.4-liter engine. A plug-in hybrid engine might be available. Let us wait and watch.


Expected competitors

2017 Opel Insignia rear

2017 Opel Insignia – Price and Release Date

For different markets, a different process is available. Speculations are on the rise that for US markets its base costing will be approximate $30,000. But for an all-wheel drive, it might shoot up to around $45,000. The European market will get a cheaper version of the car whereas, in China, it might be a bit higher.

The release date of 2017 Opel Insignia has not been made official yet. But speculations are on the rise that this much-hyped sedan from the German automaker will do its debut during 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show.

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