2018 TF-X Flying Car Concept, Price

The idea of flying cars has always been a fantasy. This wishful thinking might be coming true soon as Terrafugia has been reported to be building a flying car. Terrafugia calls this car the 2018 TF-X flying car.

What’s interesting is that the company has already built a prototype of this model. Besides being tested, this TF-X flying car has already received a green signal from the FAA.

2018 TF-X Flying Car front

2018 TF-X Flying Car – Design Concept

The prototype of a TF-X flying car seems to look like an unusual craft with both wheels and helicopter-like rotor blades. The overall design of this flying car bears similarities with a regular car to some extent as it has got a smooth hood and windscreen.

Headlights have been kept large in size which characterizes a one of a kind front fascia. To be artistic- its front fascia kind of looks like a shark’s head. Unlike normal cars, the wheels of this 2018 TF-X flying car are underneath its body.

Also to be noted, the company has laid out a futuristic design to this car. Officials have classified this flying car as a 4 seat sedan. The thing which makes this model most interesting is that it has got folding wings at each side which houses the rotor blades.

This (according to Terrafugia) lets this flying car take off vertically which eliminates the need for a runway. Its rear fascia also looks pretty interesting with large exhaust chambers (kind of looks like Batman’s car, Bat-mobile).

2018 TF-X Flying Car side

2018 TF-X Flying Car – Engine Specs

Several reports have to say that this model as an aircraft will be able to cruise up to 200 mph for as much as 500 miles. In addition, a 300 hp engine will be used in this 2018 TF-X flying car. All in all, the company is going to incorporate a hybrid electric powertrain into this vehicle.

But one of the main questions that arise with piloting this model as an aircraft is whether the driver should have flying skills, training, and license. Well to answer this question, several sources have claimed that as the car will be semi-autonomous, there will be no need for the driver to fly this model.

Sources and experts have even said that the driver will simply need to put in the destination, and this car will be steering itself. It has also been said that the technology to be incorporated in this 2018 TF-X flying car will be very smart as it will warn the drivers if landing area that has been chosen is unsafe.

Several reports confirm that this model is in progress, and it has also been said that learning to control this flying car as an aircraft will be much easier than learning to fly a normal aircraft. Several sources have also confirmed that the customers will be given a short training that will last up to 3 or 4 days.

2018 TF-X Flying Car rear

2018 TF-X Flying Car – Price and Release Date

In the training program, the customers will be briefed with the technology of the car and the car itself. As this model will be something new in the automobile markets, it is expected to have a price of $279,000. This TF-X flying car 2018 has been expected to be available for purchase by 2025.

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